We are a construction consultant both for clients and for builders.  Right now we have a great team of builders in the oil & gas industry. Ready for deployment anywhere in Africa and Middle East.

Our company is engaged in providing Civil, Mechanical and Electrical engineering in oil and gas industry, road constructions, high-rise and mass-housing construction, industrial facilities/shelters, warehouses.

We design petroleum   terminal, tank farms, ancillary piping, loading arms, pumps stations and jetties. 

After building your industrial facilities we provide an electronic surveillance by installing intelligent  security camera. Intelligent enough to make necessary automatic action; make an alert messages to the human security forces. It makes alarm when it detect flame of fire and suppresses fire too by activating AFFF integrated to it.

You can see your business facilities, construction sites  live in real time 24/7 any where you are in the world.

Wireless devices networking solutions can be use to protect utilities- including electric, oil and gas, nuclear power plant, telecommunications and water reservoir- by helping thwart intruders and terror attacks and providing for better protection of the facilities, its personnel and the public it serves.

Vulnerability starts at the perimeter.  Infrastructure and site surveillance is imperative with the increasing concern over security and safety due to threat of terrorism and protection of critical assets. The best chance of preventing disruption to a facility is to create an interactive perimeter that detects intruders and alerts you to potential threats before they occur.